• Current opportunities and challenges of the real estate market. What facilities are worth investing in? What can new developers offer investors to attract them?
  • Proptech as a permanent element of the real estate market. How to utilize technological potential and maintain competitive advantage as a leader on the office market in the CEE region?
  • The twilight of one-dimensional commercial buildings? Are investors going to bet on multifunctional facilities? How attractive can a well-developed entertainment and recreation area be to customers?
  • New investment areas and cooperation between local governments and investors. How does the regulatory environment affect investment attractiveness and urban development?
  • A new wave in the retail sector. What is the impact of e-commerce, the changing habits of the young generation, and the emphasis on ecology and sustainable consumption on the modification of shopping centers?
  • How do online sales affect the functioning of today’s shopping malls? Ideas for keeping the money leaving shopping centers through the virtual route.
  • Pricing – how to increase profit through price management? New possibilities for pricing in the age of digital revolution. Pricing trends and challenges.
  • Development of new business models on the hotel market. What types of facilities are successful? What are the most important requirements for modern hotels to attract customers?
  • The conditions for dynamic industry development. What is still attracting investors to the warehouse space market?
  • Adaptation of warehouses to e-commerce. What actions must developers take to adapt old warehouses to new standards? What is the role of automation and appropriate equipment?
  • Last mile warehouses, i.e. urban logistics in the era of e-commerce. Development of the small warehouse units market.
  • How will online sales affect warehouse rents? Will the Polish warehouse market remain the most competitive in the CEE region?




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