Executive Club is a business organization bringing together members of top management representing the most important Polish and international companies. Since 2005 the Club has assembled well-established business leaders, whose actions set standards in the development of the Polish economy.

The club inspires, helps identify the needs of management leaders, and supports the development of Polish business. The Club is the first and largest organization of this type in Poland – well-established and built on cooperation with the most important market entities in Poland and abroad.



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“Rohlig Suus Logistics has been an active member of the Executive Club for many years. Membership ensures us high-quality networking meetings and participation in industry events with high substantive value. Above all, it is an association of people who are managing the largest companies in Poland, which offers real opportunities to establish business relationships and cooperation.”

Andrzej Kozłowski

Member of the Board, Rohlig Suus Logistics

“My opinion on the activities of the Executive Club is very positive. Great conference organization, nice club meetings, great atmosphere. Integration meetings are a very good
idea (such as in previous years: “Following Mr. Samochodzik’s Trail”, singing, dancing or golf).
I also value that you remember about the birthday of Club Members.
Bravo Club, Bravo Beata!”

Grzegorz Głasek

President, SPS Construction

“Executive Club helps to establish contacts and develop interpersonal relationships as part of professionally organized events. For Club Members, it is an excellent platform for expanding knowledge in a rapidly changing business environment. Diverse conference and club meetings themes is conducive to expand knowledge beyond the field in which we operate every day, and invited experts are a guarantee of the quality of discussions.”

Andrzej Bułka

President of the Board, Fracht FWO

“Executive Club is a thriving organization that brings together business representatives to exchange their views, present their achievements and participate in important business, technological, social, organizational events in Poland and in the world. Organized conferences, panels, competitions and all such events are at a high level both in terms of content and organization. The Executive Board and team of Executive Club employees are professional staff, operating in an unconventional and very creative way, trying to successfully create an extremely positive atmosphere of organized events.”

Jan Kalisz

Business Advisor of ICTall and former President of the Board of Fibrain

“Executive Club understands business. It creates the perfect atmosphere for business development. Thanks to all meetings that are accompanied by the effect of interdisciplinary synergy we can take the latest knowledge with us to our enterprises.”

Artur Pollak

President of the Board, APA Group

“Membership in Executive Club is primarily about an exchange of knowledge and opinions.
All meetings and conferences provide excellent opportunities to identify common challenges, take new initiatives and exchange experiences. The topics discussed by organizers of events are always very relevant from the perspective of different business fields and from the social point of view.”

Józef Adam Zubelewicz

Member of the Board, ERBUD S.A.

“Executive Club is a very interesting formula for gaining knowledge, relationships and broadening horizons. The high level of these elements prompted us to be part of this initiative. Attractive content becomes simply needed. It is also close to our philosophy of action.”

Adam Sanocki

Managing Partner, Attention Marketing

“The activities of Executive Club are for the owners and heads of polish companies extremely helpful complementing for the way of expanding industry knowledge and establishing unusual contacts. Organized conferences and events are valuable, they go with the times and certainly do not belong to boring ones. It is worth emphasizing the excellent quality of organization of individual events as well as their partner, friendly setting which condusts to create new business relationships.”

Katarzyna Rudnicka

President of the Board, Vivenge

“We appreciate Executive Club for professionalism and the ability to select conference topics.
Executive Club, has managed to create an interesting formula of events, allowing market experts, representatives of the world of politics and Club Members to meet on neutral ground, exchange knowledge and experience. This diversification of opinions definitely raises the substantive level of events organized by Executive Club. All meetings organized by Executive Club are certainly worth attending.”

Ewa Wernerowicz

President of the Board, Vivus Finance

“Nord Partner Sp. z o.o. began cooperation with Executive Club nearly 10 years ago.
Why did we choose Executive Club? Because it associates enterprises in Poland, making them a platform for business exchange. It brings together business personalities, entrepreneurship leaders, celebrities of the world of science and outstanding experts from various fields. It successfully combines business with politics across divisions. Executive Club is a professional organizer of prestigious conferences, interesting forums, inspiring debates which are held among representatives of companies from Poland and abroad. Executive Club supports our development and favors the promotion of our company, and we as a Partner of many events have the unique opportunity to establish interesting business relationships. We recommend membership in Executive Club.”

Krzysztof Bromka

President of the Board, Nord Partner

“Appreciating the activities of the Head of Executive Club and her team, we are pleased to be part of the Executive Club community. A group of professional and experienced people watches over the quality of organized events. Each conference is distinguished by a group of great experts, interesting topics touching important issues in various business fields and a nice atmosphere which favors the networking. Congratulations to Mrs. Radomska and the whole team of Executive Club.”

Jan Kruk

President of the Board, CF CEFARM